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President Bashir: we will not leave citizens to remain vulnerable to rebels, looters or unruly element

2017-09-20 09:22:00 PM
Shukri, 20 Sept (SUNA) - President of the Republic Omar Bashir on Wednesday vowed the government would not allow citizens to be victims to rebels, robbers or unruly elements. The president said the rule of law would prevail and that people will not be left to be victims or prey to looters, robbers or rebel elements. President Bashir stressed that it was only the enemies of the Sudan who are bluffing...

Bakri receives US Congress Delegation

2017-09-20 07:58:00 PM
Khartoum, 20 Sept (SUNA) - The First Vice President, Lt Gen Bakri Hassan Salih, on Wednesday received the visiting US Congress delegation led by Mr. Davin Nunes, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Nunes said in statement following the meeting with the First Vice President that they discussed joint efforts between the Sudan and the United States of America to cooperate...

Ibrahim Mahmud briefed on situations in Blue State

2017-09-20 07:39:00 PM
Khartoum, Sept.20 (SUNA) - The Assistant of the President of the Republic, Engineer, Ibrahim Mahmud Hammed inspected, Wednesday, the overall situations in the Blue Nile State . This came when Engineer, Hammed met, at his office, the Wali (governor) of the Blue Nile State, Hussein Yassin who briefed him on the executive performance and the success of the agricultural season in the state, the humanitarian...

President Al-Bashir Affirms Presidency Support to Voluntary Repatriation of Displaced People

2017-09-20 05:23:00 PM
Forbaranga, Sep. 20 (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has affirmed the Presidency support to the voluntary return of the displaced citizens to their home areas and villages, appreciating the efforts exerted by the government of West Darfur State to facilitate the voluntary return of the displaced people and to provide them with the necessary services. Addressing a mass...

Hassabo informed on overall situations in Sennar State

2017-09-20 04:07:00 PM
Khartoum, Sept.20(SUNA)-The Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman was briefed on overall situations in Sinnar State, especially the security as well as preparations for harvesting season , and introduction of new agricultural technologies . Governor of Sinnar State, Al-Daw Mohamed Al-Mahi said in press statements following meeting with the Vice-President of the Republic...

Message from Silva Kiir to President Al-Bashir

2017-09-20 03:29:00 PM
Khartoum, Sept.20(SUNA)-The First Vice-President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih has received a written message from President of South Sudan State, Silva Kiir Mayrdit to his counterpart, President of the Republic. Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir dealing with bilateral relations and ways of boosting them further . The message was handed over by President...

Epistemological Enlightenment Center to review Political performance of Sudanese Islamic Movement

2017-09-20 02:26:00 PM
Khartoum, Sept. 20(SUNA)-The Epistemological Enlightenment Center is to host in its regular forum the lecturer and researcher , Dr Yasser Khelef Alla at 11:00am Wednesday , 27 September at the Center premises, nearby the Green Square in Khartoum, to shed light on the Sudanese Islamic Movement's political performance experiment . SA/SA

Committee on Overseeing Sudan's Relations with BRICS briefed on Al-Jaz recent visit to Russia

2017-09-20 02:07:00 PM
Khartoum, Sept.20(SUNA)-The High Committee on Overseeing Sudan's Relations with BRICS held meeting in the Republican Palace, Wednesday under the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Dr Awad Al-Jaz. Dr Al-Jaz said in press statements after the meeting that he briefed the Committee on outcome of visit he paid to Russia recently during which, he added, held meetings with senor Russian officials...

Al-Bashir arrived Forbarnga in West Darfur

2017-09-20 01:19:00 PM
Forbarnga, West Darfur, Sept.20(SUNA)-President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir arrived on Wednesday in Forbarnga town in the second day of visist to West Darfur State where he was received by huge mass rally with executive and legislative and native administration leaders, representatives of parties and political forces, Forbarnga dignitaries and people's delegation from neighboring...

Sudan-South Sudan Joint economic talks start

2017-09-19 10:45:00 PM
Khartoum, Sept.19 (SUNA) - The meetings of Sudan -South Sudan joint Committee started, Tuesday, at the Council of Ministers to promote the economic relations in oil and trade fields . The Deputy National Prime Minister and Minister of Investment, Mubarak Al-Fadel has told reports that meetings of the ministries of Oil, Commerce and Finance , in the two countries , will continue tomorrow, Wednesday,...