Attorney General Meets with Fact-Finding Committee for Recent Events

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Khartoum, Feb. 6 (SUNA) – The Attorney General, Omer Ahmed Mohamed, Wednesday met with, in presence of the First Assistant Attorney General, Hisham-Eddin Osman, with the fact-finding committee which was formed by the President of the Republic and headed by the Minister of Justice, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Salim.

The meeting was held upon request of the committee and agreement of the Attorney General to inform about the size of losses in lives and properties in the recent events in some cities and towns in the country.

The meeting has underscored the independence of the Public Prosecution and its jurisdiction in accordance with the Constitution and the law in investigation and adopting the pre-trial procedures in the criminal issues, representing the state in this regard.

The fact-finding committee stressed that its jurisdiction is confined to identifying causes of the recent protests and size of losses in lives and properties, stating that its role comes after the prosecution stage to repair the damage and to adopt the legal remedies that may be required.

It stressed that the Public Prosecution is alone concerned with the investigation in these events and taking the required procedures and decisions.

The committee has confirmed its non-interference in any investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution in these events or in others.

The Committee also commended the fact that the Public Prosecution has investigated by itself in all the cases related to deaths that occurred immediately after their occurrence and the  orders issued by the Public Prosecution, which were appreciated by all, on prohibition of the use of vehicles without plates, illegal tracking within neighborhoods and houses, the observance of the sanctity of the dead and preventing the negative publication and statements without permission of the Attorney General, toward avoiding any harm to the course of justice.

The committee has affirmed the commitment, respect and implementation of the Executive to all these decisions and its full confidence in the efficiency, impartiality, fairness and independence of the Public Prosecution.

The committee was informed that the investigations carried out by the Public Prosecution had reached a precise account that the number of persons killed during the events was 31 cases, and that any claim otherwise is incorrect, and that in these all such cases the necessary legal actions have been taken and that the investigation in them is progressing promptly and in strict confidentiality and with the assistance of the public.

The fact-finding committee has stressed the need to reactivate the role of the prosecutors in all the states and local security committees, especially that the Legislator has entrusted them with most of the powers and powers related to the maintenance of public security and safety.

The committee also affirmed the important role of the specialized prosecutor, in accordance with the National Security Law, in inspecting the custodies of the National Security Service and verifying the treatment of the arrested persons, in a manner that preserves their human dignity.

The Minister of Justice called on the National Assembly to expedite the empowerment of the Public Prosecution and to grant it all the powers and jurisdiction to guarantee its protection to all rights and freedoms and supervision to all pre-trial proceedings and all organs dealing with demonstrations in particular.