Amira Alfadel: Foreign relations vital sector in National Congress Party *our party's external relations reached to a satisfied level *And we have Extended party relations on Arabic, African and Asian level. *Our relations with Sino Communist Party strategic and we have high mechanism and political relation in the Top *In our recent plan we targeted to strengthen our Party relations with African states via exchange visits and participating in activities . *Turning towards Asia is strategic for our Party, as Partner in economic and investment fields.

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Khartoum,19,12,2016(SUNA)- Foreign relations has special necessity for all Parties, particular if it has the Power. Foreign Relation sector in National Congress party ( NG P) witnessed this year active movements on all Arabic, African and Asian levels. SUNA conducted an interview with chairman of the sector Ustaza Amira Al-fadel to focus on some the topic sides:- Q: Foreign relations are vital axis to every Party… Does you satisfied On the Party's performance in foreign affaires field ? A: Foreign relations sector in our Party" NGP" was promoted from Secretariat to an sector inside the Party. We has extended party relations on Asian, African and Arabic levels .in fact we are satisfied on that ,so we work according to five-year plan from which Divides into annual plan for the sector to harmonize with party's policy. Q: Some important recommendations were issued by National Dialogue Conference concerning reforming the foreign relations specially with West …How do you see that and what are the efforts in this regard? A: We in " NCP" participated to prepare paper that listed to foreign relations committee inside the National Dialogue Conference , it was the Most compatible , among the different political parties committees and the participants groups in the dialogue. The recommendations came without lot argument or disagreements. We replied to execute the recommendations in accordance with the dialogue conference paper which depend on respecting the states supremacy and to not interfere in other states affairs. Besides interesting with Neighboring states and in particular African countries. Turning toward Asia continent is strategic goal for our Party and for the state due Asian countries are economic and investment partners as we coordinate with all concerned bodies in this regard. Q: In your Party (National Congress ), there is sector has Interesting to build relations with Africa ,special west and south of Africa … what about this efforts? A: Yes , in our recent plan we target to strengthen our Party relation with all African states for that, we exchange visits with many African political parties in addition we attend in some Parties conferences and elections as observers in Uganda, Chad ,Niger and in political Activities of some African states. Q: There is a noted progress in relation with Uganda in Party field , resulted on Visit by Secretary general of National Resistance Party in Uganda to Sudan.. how do you estimate future of this visit? A: Yes it was successful visit continued 5 days with high level Party delegation headed by the Party secretary general and 9 members from Executive Committee . Their visit program included bilateral Talks between the two parties , different meetings with Youth sector, and Woman Sector in our Party while agreement of economic cooperation was signed between two sides. The visit ended by signing memo- understanding between two Parties and agreement in field of political cooperation between two parties in future . besides exchange experiences and cadres training. Q: African neighbor states Ethiopia, Eretria , and Libya are important for Sudan … what are progress steps in relations with those states? A: We have good relations with all neighbor states and inside Africa sector , there is special department for neighbor states and another one for South Sudan state due to its Closed situation. As I said before we exchange visits and had memo- Understanding with some of them but may be in Libya situation now is abnormal. We received invitations to participate in Public conferences, latest one was in Ethiopia. We work to connect all of our sectors directly with their counterparts in other foreign parties and not to be only through sector of foreign relation. Q: Could you give us enlighten on Your Party relation with West? A:We have 4 sectors, The Arabic, African, Asian , Europe and two Americas . We work to strengthen relation with Europe states and it need additional efforts because nature of these political parties. They are seasonal Parties work only in elections, then they turn to another shape of political Practice. We have communication with Centers of Studies & Researches in number of Europe states , Ngo and some training associations are working in field peace such as Max Blank organization in Germany and Carter Center, American Peace Institution in USA. besides, we have facilitate for these bodies ,measures of visiting Sudan to see reality of situation in Sudan . Also we have strong relation with Russia as an international Supporter to Sudan Q: China has a distinguished relation and strategic partnership with Sudan … How do you evaluates Development of relations between two parties within frame of recent visit of the Chinese Communist Party? A: Relations between the National Congress Party in Sudan and the Communist Party in China arranged via Protocol. The first one was signed in 2003 and renew every 5 years , the most recent was in 2015. The protocol determine frames of cooperation in political, economic and social fields , training and exchange experiences. Economic cooperation between the two parties began early, China has great role in oil Extraction, building infrastructure in Sudan in addition to establish number of projects in electricity, transportation, agriculture and industry. one of improving relation methods , a political mechanism was established named “ Mechanism of High-level dialogue “, which conduct annual meeting between political leadership in the two Parties in the capitals Khartoum and Beijing alternately. We believe that relation with China is strategic and cooperation between us will continue , the topic of debts solve within the High Committee and will not be hindrance against China funding to new projects. Q: How are Relation with Arabic states…? A: We have direct Party relations with Morocco, Towniesa, Algeria, Mauretania and Comoros . we cooperate in fields of training , exchange experiences and visits via participating in conferences . Also we have special relation with Egypt returns for the social, cultural and historical relations between the two countries in addition to open Crossings in border areas between two countries to encourage and facilitate investment and commercial relations. Q: How is the relation between Your Party and the Council of African Political Parties , … particular Sudan is the State Headquarters? A: Our Party contributed in founding the council which include large number of Political African Parties . In addition to our membership we host the secretary general also there is full coordination in foreign participations with other Counterparts councils such as Asian Parties council and two Americas . The Council contribute in solving African issues and in spite of its short age , the council succeed as mechanism to unify the continent Parties and prevent domination on its countries Q: There are fears from some observers that, winning of the Republican Party in USA, may be negative station in your Party's relation with USA … What you comment? A: It is early, to foresee what will happen. But I could say that there is high level dialogue between Sudan and USA since a year directly via ministry of foreign affairs . Our plan in the Party work to create good relation with UAS take into account the Interests of Sudan and communication with Ngos parliaments to explain Unfairness in putting Sudan in list of Sponsors of terrorism state . we should defence on ourselves against Unilateral Sanctions imposed by USA through communicate with Parliaments of Ngo to change situation. Q: Does you have relations with Parties in Latin America? A: A: Yes we have, but not in high level. There are communications via ambassadors to arrange Party visits . Q: Are there discords between Your Party and concerned bodies with foreign policy? A: No at all . we work together via one plan and in harmony , specially state minister in ministry of foreign affaires is member in the sector to organize this relation. Q: Does your appointment as chairman of the sector to achieve specific goals , particular it is first time for woman to be in this post? A: No, I was known and worked before in economic and social fields. I entered this sector as secretary of Asia serretariat . then I became deputy of the sector's chairman. Foreign relations is wide sector and woman could play great and distinguished role due to her flexibility. Q: How is relation with Qatar? A: we have strong relation with Qatar . they interested to stability of Sudan and they hosted and still for long times negotiations of Darfur peace and Doha Agreement . in addition they have investments which played big role in creating peace in Darfur. Q: what is the sector’s efforts to eliminate effects of the Issued economic measures on the citizen? A: we as sector inside the Party, expressed on our opinion and I think part of our effort is the coming of Chinese delegation that included 40 company for economic and investment cooperation and we will work to attract more investors from china , African states and the other countries,