Sisi, review the Current Political Situation and calls all Political Groups to correspond on a program for political reform.

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Khartoum,15,3,2017,(SUNA)- In a transparent interview , Chairman of Liberation Party and member of High Committee of Implement National Dialogue outcome Dr. Tijani Sisi , spoke on Dialogue between Sudanese political parties nowadays and expressed that The frequent of Parties , are not good sign and called all parties to correspond on the political reform program, which could be able to cope with program of state reform :- How do you estimate the current political situation , particular in what related to dialogue issue? A: It is the important period in Sudan history, because the Combined Parties succeeded to organize a transparent dialogue extended about 2 years. More than 90 Party and 41 Armed movement contributed actively in the dialogue and reach to Outcomes of National Dialogue that were explained in a " National Document" , then approved by all parties which participated in the dialogue. I think that it is significant event in Sudan modern history. As In spite of challenges faced the country during last decades, political parties reached to this outcome. This Political Forces turned now to form the National Conciliation Government , I mean the government which will consist coming days. main duty for new government is to accomplish the outcome . (7+7) group in addition to political parties, the movements, Civil Society and leaders of Community Dialogue organized successfully the National dialogue. The (7+7) group had transformed to Higher Committee to follow up these process and adopting the standards of formation the new government. Of course there are some hinders faced them , but they are able to skip that , particular after Lifting the economic sanctions. Q: There is Political openness in the Sudanese foreign political relations specially towards Gulf states and African counties..... how do you see this? A: Yes a big openness. The Sudanese Diplomacy Movement and the committee headed by President al- Bashir of tackling with USA resulted to big Breakthrough on regional and international level . After the international community noted the big national Movement towards exceeding challenges besides improvements that happened in Darfur issue via accomplishing bindings of Doha Darfur Peace Document, although there are some security disturbance from time to time , but it expected and normal and will end by time. Relations with Qatar is vital and important , they Supported and are still stability and social peace in Darfur . As our relations with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states returned to normality. Also there is remarkable improvement in Sudan's African relations , while confidence began to return between Sudan and Uganda due to Recurrent meetings between the Presidents of two countries, as the both of two states have strong role in achieving stability in state of South Sudan. Relations with USA are going well and lifting Sanctions came after improve relations. Work should continue on all levels for benefit of Sudan and all other states. Q: As we know, Qatar played great role in achieving stability and Peace in Darfur… new period is coming and need to Support of Darfur society specially after the strategy initiative of developing Darfur what is your comment? A: Efforts of Darfur Regional Authority with the support of Darfur Walis , the Central government and great backing of the Republic President AL Bashir and the council of federal ministers succeeded to implement Darfur document. In fact huge challenges stood in way , but God we thank, we exceeded many of it and the rest in way of disappearing and now citizens of Darfur feel that conditions in Darfur turn for the better. Concerning Security , there is no Exist to armed groups , only in Top of Jabal Mara's region and the Sudanese Army with other Regular troops controled completely on Darfur land. The economic situation began to recovery, as the cities began to connect with each other without any clashes like in past. Yes there is some hinders in collecting Arms from civilians , but we work according to specific plan. I want to say " Darfur today is different from Darfur yesterday " according to attestation of regional and international community and UN organizations working in Darfur. Q:Establishing Five ideal villages had finished , As another 10 new villages will build … How Does it contribute in Return and stability of displaced ? A: Of course the five ready villages, became bright Achievement in Darfur. I am very glad for obligation of Qatar state to continue in completing projects of Darfur. The new (10) villages, while it divide , two villages in each state. In each village provides necessary services of clean water, health and education. Q: Conception of Development in Darfur …. Need more reviewing to utilize from experiences? A: Development in Darfur different from development in areas that not affected by wars. We should speak first on rehabilitation before talking topic of development in conflicts areas. It mean we should rehabilitate what destroyed by war in Darfur and then begin with development doses to face challenges. We adopted matrix, included group of service projects, some of them were accomplished and the rest are service projects still undertaking to prepare from Rehabilitating period to Development period . Then we began in executive projects of infra-structure which could transform the region from rehabilitate to develop stage. We accomplished this step in Donors Conference when we adopted the strategy of developing Darfur and in the regional Authority via Matrix of rehabilitating &Developing Darfur. Q: In frame of Lifting economic Sanctions recently.. How do you see the political and economic future in Sudan? A: It a flourish future. If we speak in economical side , Sudan is rich of different natural resources And all of Us know the complicated problems resulted of war and hindered economical development in Sudan because most of these resources exhausted in wars which flared in South Sudan, then in Darfur, the East , South Kordfan and in Blue Nile. It was normal when the state put most of its resources to face war . But I say " If Sudan , it let to utilize all these Stored resources perfectly, I am sure that great benefits will come to this country , particular after Lifting the sanctions many of businessmen and companies will come to invest in Sudan . We need to prepare the suitable conditions to attract the foreign capitals. Doubtless , there are some risks in political arena. As I mentioned the parties and Movements who participated in the National Dialogue are more than 120 Party what mean there is a problem. The state has advertiser Reform Program , but it will not achieved unless realizing the political Reform. For that , political parties have to direct towards agreement and compatibility on political reform program . This phenomenon of Partisan Divide and ethnic , tribal or political polarities, whatever is, harmful specially in these current situation of Sudan . All parties should discuss this issue as political parties as national groups seriously because we know very well, Frequent of political parties could have its impacts on political situation , so we need to agree together on standards for political reform