Estimating the experience of connecting the small farmers with the markets under the motto of "Micro finance Programs for a green Sudan"

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Khartoum-12-4-2012-(SUNA)- The Unit of Micro-Finance in the Bank of Sudan organized an evaluative workshop recently under the motto of "micro Finance for a green Sudan" at the buildings of Bankers Union . The workshop aimed to estimate the experience of connecting the small farmers with the markets with the participation of the guarantee purse in the federal ministry of agriculture and the World Food Program. The project targeted to finance 100 farmer in the traditional sector from 10 states in Sudan through four banks, Bank of Agriculture , Bank of Saving& Social Development , Bank of Family and Bank of Khartoum. Chairman of Union of the Micro Finance Unit in Bank of Sudan, Dr. Badr al-deen Abdul-rahiem pointed to the strategy of Micro Finance, that aim to create a strong sustainable agriculture sector through the best implementation to the different mechanism addition to support in connecting the small farmers with the markets and to train them on the methods of administrating the projects and how to select the best seeds and crops to achieve good results. While the rain fed sector considered half of the cultivated areas, but its production is weak due to the risks that face the process of cultivating, declared Dr. Badr el-deen and appreciated on the role of (WFP) in providing the seeds to the target farmers in the project what participated to success the program. The Minster of Welfare and Social Affairs , Uthaza Amera Al-fadel asserted on the state's interesting with the Micro Finance Program to be a real activities, which realize a qualitative leap to the poor sectors and small productores. Besides,the minister appreciated the results of the experiences and called the participants in the project to discuss the challenges that face the work to find a suitable solutions and to adopt the project as a model of combating poverty and announced that her ministry launched the project of finance the woman development to contribute in promoting the woman sectors in countries and rural areas to keep pace with the development al progress in towns. On his part, reassured director of the World Food Program, Dr Amer Al-daodee their keenness to continue in implementing the project , particular after the remarkable success of the experience in many states. The participants in the project were tackled the main challenges, that faced work in the project as weak rains and delaying the loans because the agriculture has specific dates of planting. They called also to exert more efforts in fields of guidance and Awareness to the farmers and support them to select the productive e crops and to encourage them to enter in the operations of guarantee. The participants in the workshop mentioned also the positive results of the project, which increased the production of sorghum, millet , rice, cotton, fodder and oil seeds. The workshop recommendations put emphasis on the necessity of adopting a timetable work plan include execute all works in the suitable time and to increase the number of the agricultural advisors who shared the farmers work and advice them in the project. More than, the recommendations called to increase the quantities of finance to the farmer to cope with costs of imputes and agricultural operations. Addition to entering the animal sector in the process of finance and to be the beginning in the states of Kassala and north Dar four and then to expand gradually in the other states. The workshop recommended to add new other activities in the programs of micro finance as the horticultural production and gum Arabic and to estimate the project as a complementary service according to the conditions of the micro finance and agricultural indexes. BF