RSF Denies its Relation with Pictures and Videos Circulated by Foreign Channels and Social Media

2019-02-24 19:50:37.090 | view 475 | share : |

Khartoum, Feb. 24 (SUNA) - The Rapid Support Forces (rRSF) has denied any relation between it and what was circulated by some foreign channels and social media sites of pictures and videos of military vehicles and individuals falsely attributed to the rapid Support Forces.
The spokesman of the Rapid Support Forces, Col. (Dr.) Murtada Osman Abul-Gasim, that the Rapid Support Forces have their distinctive combat vehicles that are characterized by their oil painting and red and green traffic signs and the letters (GDS) and a military number, along with the unique military uniform and the logo of the Rapid Support Forces on the right shoulder.
He said that the Rapid Support Forces move according to the duties assigned to them under the command of officers and are committed to discipline and military appearance.
Col. Murtada expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Sudanese people for their understanding of the tasks and duties of the Rapid Support Forces, stressing that they will remain faithful to their duty to defend the homeland and maintain its security and stability.