HAC in North Darfur Arranges for Stage of Reconstruction

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 El-Fasher, Mar.13(SUNA)-The Humanitarian Aid Commission(HAC) in  North Darfur State  is embarking on setting arrangements for meeting requirements  of  moving from stage  of work in emergency  and provision of humanitarian assistance  to stage of recovery, reconstruction and development  in line with UN  resolution reducing mission of  the UN-AU Mission in Darfur.


 Coordinator  of Humanitarian Aid in  North Darfur, Ibrahim Ahmed Hamid,

said in a statement to SUNA that  HAC would coordinate with  international organizations as well as the  ministries in the state  for implementing  the plan  for  moving from  emergency and  relief  to stage of  recovery and development  for boosting  social peace  and achieving sustainable development.


 He indicated  to formation of a national team to coordinate  operations  of  moving from  relief  to phase  of  development and reconstruction, disclosing that  the measure would contribute to  transfer  mission of UNAMID and ensure continuity of its  development and service projects and programs.