Ministry of Education and Organizations Discuss Joint Projects in al-Fasher

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Al- fasher, Mar. 28 (SUNA) The joint periodical meeting of the administrations of the Ministry of Education and Orientation of North Kordufan state, and the international organizations working in the field of education in the state, held Thursday in al- Fasher, has reviewed the progress of work in the joint projects and what has been implemented during the past months, besides the organizations’ plans for the year 2019.

The Education Minister Abdulla Musa Faddah, who chaired the meeting has expressed appreciation of his ministry to the efforts exerted by the UN’s agencies and the international organizations for the education in the state, pointing to the state need for more projects to bridge the gap in education, calling on the international organizations for the commitment with the standard specifications in the constructions and to evaluate all the projects for more good performance.

He asserted his ministry’s commitment to support the efforts of the international organizations, to contribute in the development of the education in the state.

The meeting was attended by the ministry’s General Director, Muneer Abdul Rahman Badawi, the human train aid coordinator in the state, Ibrahim Ahmed Hamid, who called on the ministry to identify its priorities, and needs and present them to the organizations to start their implementation as part of the programs and projects of the peace and stability stage.