Sudan and India work together for bright future

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Khartoum 16 Feb. 2016 (SUNA)-- International Relations were built on exchange respect among the world's states, and it is working on organization and continuing the diplomatic communication process , because communication is considered the sole means which reactivate the confidence building and promotes the exchange of common interests and benefits among peoples of world's states. International relations ruled by the international law which works in the diplomatic and political relations according to the common interests as a result of treaties which are considered as a basic component in development of the bilateral relations among states. When the Sudan obtained its independence in 1956 it became an active member in an international organization, and exerted efforts in order to create diplomatic ties in its African , Arab and international arena. Sudan normalized its relations with the world's countries according to the treaties which had ratified . India's state is considered a sister state which has strong distinguished relations with Sudan Since the Bandung Conference 1955. As we are Sudanese we express our appreciation for India's positions in support of the Sudan in international forums as well as development projects and services which provided by New Delhi to Khartoum. Indian government continues its efforts to provide programs and projects that help Sudan in its endeavoring aims to develop its economic through investment which India has a pioneer role in this domain, India now is working in different areas in Sudan especially in the field of producing sugar, electricity and distribution and offering scholarship to Sudanese students along with training. Indian government does not leave stone unturned in supporting Sudan's government, it worked hard with it in order to make their bilateral ties as a sample , so that New Delhi affirmed the eternal depth of relations with Khartoum, who follows the changes of the political situation in the world he can discover that, India supported Sudan in international forums and platforms in order to strengthen its ties in the fields of agriculture, education and electricity among others. The two sides enable to create a good atmosphere for refreshing the trade movement which plays an important role in exchanging goods and other benefits for their peoples. The trade volume between Khartoum and New Delhi is going ahead besides the cooperation in agriculture and manufacturing . However, India is an active partner in development in Sudan , especially in the sugar industry and modernization of irrigation as well as their participation in the survey of different sites where minerals are believed to exist . Coordination and mutual support between India and Sudan in international and regional forums , indicate that the relationship between the two countries has been good over the past decades despite differences in political systems. Khartoum also spare no efforts it had been supporting New Delhi especially in its quest for reform of the United Nations security council .