Sudanese -Russian Relations witness rapid Development

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Khartoum, Eeb.18. 2016 (SUNA) - Sudanese , Russian Relations have witnessed a clear development in all aspects ,this indicates that the two administrations of the two states have exerted an efforts to build strong bilateral relations through communication process and continuing consultation. The Russian Federation diplomatic mission in Khartoum is an active and it does not leave stone unturned in order to develop the relations with Sudan . The mission plays it is an important role in motivating the communication process between Khartoum and Moscow aiming to promote confidence between the two sides which are working seriously to achieve their ambitions for their people who encourage them to go ahead in developing their contact through exchange visits because are considered as abridge of communication despite of the long distance between Khartoum and Moscow. The diplomatic and political relations between Sudan and Russia Federation is an old , since Sudan has received its independence in 1956 . The first positive step which it followed is to normalize its ties with all world's states in general and with (former Soviet ) now Russia Federal in particular. There is an economic cooperation between Sudan and Russia especially in mineral and other activities. The two countries enable to create unique political relations promoting the Moscow's political stances towards Khartoum. Russia Federation has played a vital role of enhancing the bilateral ties and economic relations. Russia's government contributed more in Sudan in the field of politics when it participate and exerted an efforts to halt war and easing tension aims to restoring comprehensive peace in all parts of the country. The Russian Federation keens to develop its relations with Sudan , because it has known that the importance of Sudan to the Russian government . Sudan is a country of ancient culture and civilization add to that it has strategic location which distinguished it from the other African countries . Now Sudan was known that it has a great history and great civilization, and represents a major player on the African continent and in the Arab world so that it becomes an attractive country for the foreign investments and provides many various economic activities in all domains. Sudan is an active member of the African Union, the Arab League and other international and regional organizations. Sudan is a gateway for Russia and other country through which can contact and come to Africa to join investments. We want that Russia Federation to extend its investments in Sudan by using its experience and advanced technology . In upcoming future Russia will be a real economic partner with Sudan , this depends on the continuing contacts between them through diplomatic communication which presents the sole means for this process. Really the relations between the two countries go ahead and witness a rapid development especially in economic field. We find that the diplomatic mission in two countries spare no efforts, they work hard and serious in order to develop their political relations and economic cooperation. The two governments requested together to be keen to make their relations as a model in order to create a brilliant future for their peoples.