Sudan ,Indonesia have Distinguished Relations

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Khartoum, 28 , Feb. 2016 (SUNA) -- Indonesia has strong and distinguished diplomatic relations with the Sudan since Bandung Conference was held in 1955. The two countries had paved the way for developing their bilateral ties which base on exchange respect. These relations had developed till they became a distinguished in all domains. Who follows the political incidents he can see that the relations of the two countries have taken the shape of economic partnership whereas the two countries enabled to translate this partnership to the real economic partnership which had supported cooperation in this field through Indonesian investments especially in the field of production oil. In this domain Indonesia had contributed and exerted an efforts in order to achieve its great contribution through its firms which played a huge role in development of manufacturing and oil production. Sudan is a largest African country which contains a various investment resources whereas is being an attractive for Indonesia investments in all activities in general and oil domain in particular. We can say that the relationship between Sudan and Indonesia was strengthened with the participation of Sudan delegation in the Asia-Africa Conference (April 1955) in Bandung, even though at that time , Sudan was struggling to achieve independence from the Egyptian -British protectorate . The first Indonesian president Soekarno, gave combatant Sudan leader, Ismail Al-Azhari and his entourage a special flag (white handkerchief with the word Sudan written on it) . This was greeted by the people of the Sudan as Indonesian had recognized Sudan as a state and a nation . It encouraged people of the Sudan to speed up the process of its independence. Diplomatic relations between Indonesia and the Sudan had been established since 1960. It is for the first time Indonesia opened its diplomatic mission in Khartoum in the level of charges d,Affairs . However, in 1996, the Indonesian government reopened its diplomatic mission in Khartoum in the level of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Sudan. The embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Jakarta was officially opened by the former minter for foreign affairs of the Sudan Ali Ahmed Sahlool on 24 January 1993. Previously , on 17 November 1992, first ambassador of the Sudan to Indonesia with residence in Jakarta Saleh Abdu Saleh had presented letter of credentials to the president of the Republic of Indonesia in the state palace . During this time, bilateral relations between Indonesia and the Sudan have lasted well and tended to increase among others, the frequency of visits of high rank officials and private sectors of the two countries. Indonesia and Sudan gradually extend each other's support for the position on the nomination in various international bodies. The two countries mutually support national unity and integrity of each region . In the context of the international relations we think that Indonesia extends a large support to Sudan on the various issues especially which are related to Darfur, Indonesia had exerted an efforts towards achieving comprehensive peace in Sudan. The relations had witnessed a very important development recently the two countries have agreed to cooperate in food security and energy. An agreement has been signed to cultivate rice in Sudan and to drill oil by pertamina. There are other fields of cooperation in the fisheries , irrigation, and education. The volume of trade between the two countries is now hundreds of U.S. Dollars in favor of Indonesia . In economic cooperation Sudan's government has offered Indonesian businessmen the opportunity to invest in energy , considered one of the most attractive for investment , not least became of the possibilities in petroleum production and refining. As developing nations , Indonesia and Sudan collaborate in multilateral forums , such as the United Nations , the Non-Aligned Movement ,G77, the organization of Islamic conference and South-South cooperation.