Chinese Journalists visit Enhances Relationship between Khartoum and Beijing

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Khartoum ,March, 2, 2016 (SUNA)-- Chinese informational delegation visit to the Sudan will play an important role in promoting the relationship and cooperation between two countries and friendly peoples, the two sides would reactivate the cooperation process in all domains particularly in information field which is considered the joint weapon for the two countries to facing the challenges, the historic visit represents a good opportunity to strengthen this relation in information field and gain special importance because it comes and Sudan has witnessed political movement which was represented in Sudanese National Dialogue (SND) . The visit also constitutes a positive step will assist in exchanging visits which are built on permanent consultation between two Unions which will contribute in development of the relations of their sisterly countries through news exchange, whereas there is an old relationship between Khartoum and Beijing base on exchange respect and no doubt the information is playing an important role and participate in achieving the original partnership in all domains. However, the Chinese journalists association delegation visit to Khartoum comes in the context of cooperation between the Sudanese Journalists' Union and the Chinese Journalists Association, the historic visit has played a crucial role in development of the communication process between them, the visit will focus on consultation concerning their common issues in the field of media. And it will pave the way for the two sides to exchange their experiences in all domains which related to media in upcoming future. The two sides will touch the means of development their bilateral relations and emphasizing the importance of the establishing joint programmes and projects to help and enhance further the two countries which witness a huge development in all aspects . The Chinese Journalists Association (CJA) has played an important role among Chinese Journalists, the Association role with its three million and two hundred and fifty thousand membership of reporters and the major role it plays within the Eastern Asia Journalists Unions (EAJU) . The two sides will work together in one glove to achieve their benefits and interests from the joint capabilities of the two bodies for the qualifications and training of its membership to push forward the press and the media process in both countries. The historic visit of the Chinese Journalists Association to Khartoum it is considered as a new horizon for the cooperation between two sides and provides opportunity for them to exchange experiences especially for the Sudanese Journalists to find a chance for training in the Chinese information institutions and the organization of media workshops to debate the horizons of cooperation in the press and media fields. For the Chinese Journalists delegation the visit provides to them a chance to make interviews with senior government officials, paying visit to a number of media and educational institutions . On the other hand the Chinese journalists delegation will realize the real situation of the Sudan which vilification by the western media and reflected the bad image for Sudan, the western media now is constituting a huge challenge for the Sudanese media and put it in a hard exam how to deal with these aggressive offensive. In my point of view the historic visit of the Chinese Journalists delegation to Sudan is a great profit to Sudan because it will play a crucial role to reflect the real image of the Sudan's political situation in Chinese various media.