Sudanese - Chinese Relations Transform from Development phase to Strategy

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Khartoum, March, 21, 2016 (SUNA)- Sudanese - Chinese change officials have set a social ground for a new break through in relations between the two countries particularly with regards to economic aspects. All the agreements which were signed with the Chinese government would contributed positively to the mobilization of the Sudanese economy. The exchange visits paid by the officials of the two sides on economic and financial dealings between the two nations in the regard Chinese government offered Sudan preferential loans that would be allocated to increasing production and exports. In economic field the two countries have agreed to promote banking cooperation and they want to use Chinese currency Yuan in setting financial transactions and scheduling Sudan's debts. The two governments have exerted an efforts and work together hand in hand to enhance the economic cooperation. The Chinese leadership is keen to push forward cooperation in gas and oil besides addressing Sudan's debts through increasing production particularly in the oil domain. China has been Sudan's largest foreign investor particularly in oil and telecommunication after western firms shunned the East African nation due to conflicts and sanctions. An agriculture also found a great concern from the two sides when they agreed upon it , they want to covering areas of agricultural technology and manufacturing has been signed during the president field marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir historical visit to China. Khartoum and Beijing want to achieving the mutual investors and benefits through cooperation and they succeeded to make substantial progresses and brought benefits to their peoples. China's government is willing to make efforts to promote long-term, stable development of the friendly and cooperative relations with Sudan. As we know that Sudan places high importance on developing relations with China and takes the expansion of bilateral friendly cooperation as a top priority of its foreign policy . Strengthening cooperation in all fields is in the fundamental interest of the two countries and their people, and will contribute to world peace and stability. Sudanese - Chinese relations have witnessed a rapid development and entered an advanced phase in various domains, this streaming from the administrations of the two countries, willingness , which spare no effort towards these an eternity relations between them. Sudanese media has played an active role in reactivation the two countries bilateral ties from the starting point of the Sudan's government determination which believes that the People's Republic of China is representing a devoted friend to Sudan, whereas refreshing the diplomatic and political communication between Khartoum and Beijing . The two countries keen to exchange an officials visits between them because they promote and constitute a good way to transform their bilateral relations to the strategic partnership in all aspects. There is strong determination from the two friendly countries to work together in one glove in order to deep the communication process on the level of individuals due to establishing confidence , between them Sudan constitutes a second home for Chinese people as well as Peoples Republic of China presents the second home for the Sudanese people who respect China's government and its people. Now the two countries have witnessed diplomatic and political movement and the result was that reflected in the permanent contact between them aims to reactivate the consultation process in the common issues concern them. Sudanese - Chinese relations file is being sponsored by Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz who exerted an efforts to establishment the relations of the two countries and cement them when he was a minister of energy and mining , Al-Jaz is qualified person who paved the way for Chinese firms to join their investment activities in oil field and in other locations. We can say that Dr. Awad Al-Jaz has played a pioneer role in pushing the two countries ties a head and enabled to transformed them to strategic partnership particularly in political and economic field, because he knows that the importance of communication among nations in general and with Peoples Republic of China in particular. However, the Chinese - Sudanese relations file will play an important role in future. Who follows the political and economic movement between Khartoum and Beijing he discovers that the two sides determine to achieve a real partnership and cooperation in all domains.