Sudan -China work Hand in Hand for carrying out Common Interests

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Khartoum, March,24, 2016 (SUNA)-Diplomatic movement between Sudan and China has played an important role in developing ties of the two countries in all fields . The permanent communication process in its different dimensions contributes more and has a great positive step in enhancing the bilateral relationship, between them. As we know that the international relations is constituting an active means in diplomatic process among nations all over the globe, the international relations aims to build confidence and creates available appropriate atmosphere for the world's nations to enable to exchange interests and benefits, based on respect. Sudan's government has keened to established a distinguished ties with the People's Republic of China in times which Khartoum was suffering from complicated challenges, but it found that Beijing is a best supporter and had played a great crucial role due to achieving peace and stability in Sudan, this indicates that relations between the two sister countries has occupied an important positions in Sudan's foreign policy which keen to give its relations with China a private situation , since the two countries normalized their bilateral ties which are not witnessing setbacks or disconnection or tension . The two countries recently are exerting a huge efforts in order to promote the development of their relations which constitute for them the sole connection. The two sides are working together to confront the challenges, which endeavoured to put barriers in front of their bilateral ties but both countries met these challenge with strong diplomatic and political stances . However, both governments spare no efforts towards their historic relationship because they want to renew the common commitment and supporting its route for brilliant future. Relations between the two countries were deepening from a long period estimated more than 50 years. During this period both sides leave no stone unturned to develop them in all aspects, particularly in political , economic, cultural, health and military domains. Khartoum and Beijing reactivate their common cooperation and coordination to face their challenges in regional and international forums . Relations between Sudan and China witness a remarkable development and progress in all fields , in this regard we can indicate and touch the Chinese government contributions which represents them to Sudan such as achievement some infrastructure projects as roads, bridges, dams and rehabilitation of Sudanese railway , and threw aids and assistance in humanitarian field and development of capabilities . Chinese companies contributed more in Sudan through investments like industrial , agricultural, and structural activities as well as other domains. The Chinese-Sudanese economic cooperation is one of the positive model for the cooperation among developing countries all over the world in general and African countries in particular. Khartoum and Beijing have keened to exchange views on bilateral relations as well as on international and regional issues of common concern. China and Sudan have enjoyed a long-standing friendship and fruitful cooperation in all fields .China noted its readiness and keen to make connected efforts with Sudan to advance bilateral friendly and cooperative relations .