Al-Bahir Upcoming Visit to Darfur Supports Stability and Development in the Region

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Khartoum, March, 27, 2016, (SUNA)-Darfur's States have witnessed stability after they were suffering from armed rebels groups' attacks which put the region in hard and complicated situation, but the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) enabled to achieve the complete stability and safety in all Darfur's five states , whereas the citizens over there live in an excellent and safety situation due to an exerted efforts are being done by the Sudanese Armed Forces which leave no stone unturned towards achieving stability and security . This reflects the Sudanese government concern and its endeavors towards the region which confronted conspiracies and foreign interventions in its domestic affairs . The visit of the president of the Republic Field marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir to Darfur region comes with context of the central government's efforts aim to impose one's authority upon the region. The domination of the security has played a significant role in communication process among all five states and also assist on opening roads , streets and routes for citizens to wandering with complete freedom without any impediments , because the tranquility covered the most parts of Jebel Mara particularly the summits which were under the domination of the armed factions leaders who think that those places are difficult for the Sudanese armed forces to capture them , but the Sudan Military Forces experience and its heroic stances enable to beat and drive out the rebel armed group from Jebel Mara and clean the area from the rebellion completely . The Jebel Mara area now has witnessed security and stability . The importance of the visit of the president of the Republic Field Marshal to Darfur region in upcoming days has come with the context aiming to support stability and security in all Darfur five states and also inspect the conditions of the citizens who were affected by war , the historic visit will focus on people who come back to their villages with strong willingness . This explains that the Presidency efforts to apply Doha historical agreement and translating it on the ground . Doha accord represents a great opportunity and paves the way for Darfur citizens that to present their problems in direct meeting with the president of the Republic who keens and works hard with his staff to find an effective solutions for these issues. The historic visit to Darfur region aims to support the administrative plebiscite for Darfur people to practice their limited constitutionality rights which are being annexed in Doha deal . The president of the Republic decided that to participate in the phase of mobilization of the plebiscite and paving the way for the citizens to practice their constructional rights. The reality of the situation supported by the common reports indicate that Darfur region is empty from rebellion except in some limited areas in Jebel Mara as remnants and are not constituting an obstacles for the Sudanese Armed Forces . All have known that the Darfur's issue was terminated in Doha accord since a long time , now the chance is available for the armed groups if they have a honest desire to participate in making comprehensive peace in the region which has suffered more from the imposed war and now Darfur needs the accelerated development instead of fighting . The people of Darfur have waited the visit of the president of the Republic which represents precious opportunity for the citizens to discuss and display their needs before the president of the Republic in an open meetings in all States . The historic visit is important for Darfur as a region in general and for Sudan in particular , because it sends a positive message to international community that Darfur is living in stability and security , and all efforts focus on sustainable development and restoring comprehensive peace .