Head of Political committee LT Gen. Zain Al Abdeen addressed the first press conference

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Khartoum 12 April (SUNA) – The Chairman of the Political Committee delegated by the Military Council, Lt General Omar Zain Al Abdeen, told a press conference he held at the Ministry of Defense on Friday that the Military Council stands ready to shorten the interim period declared earlier, in line with the developments on the ground.


 LT Gen Al Abdeen has stressed during the first press conference organized by the Military Council, that what happened was never a coup d’état but a response to the desire of Sudanese people who demanded a change to avert the country chaos and sedition.


He said the essential element of the change in regime was to maintain security and safety of the county and to prevent any security breaches that would end up in chaos and sedition.


He said the military made the takeover because they were mandated by the people who flocked to the army headquarters and surrounded it. He said contacts will continue by the Council with the international and regional communities to make this point clear.


He argued that the decision for the takeover not that of an individual or one security or military body in the country but a decision taken collectively by the security and military establishments in the country,  along with wider consultations with political opposition within the quest to bypass the crisis and challenges facing the country.


 LT Gen Zain Al Abdeen said the military and security establishments in the country are fully convinced about the respect for people’s right to practice peaceful political protest. But he made it clear that they will deal promptly and decisively with anybody who violate others rights, barricade a road or block access to a bridge.


 He argued that the mission of the Military Council is to preserve and maintain the security of the homeland and allow politicians decide on economics and political matters that spurred the demonstrations.


He said the military Council stands ready to cut down the two year period they set for the elections and handover to civilians when the interim government decides so.


He said they will launch dialogue with the protesters and with the political leadership in the Sudan with the view to decide what to be implemented.


He cautioned however that to maintain security and stability, as military they will be holding the ministries of Interior and Defense in the new cabinet to be formed by the civilians.


He called on both the politicians and the armed movements to sit down and agree on a civilian government.