Transitional Military Council Calls on Parties to Present Initiatives

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Khartoum, April 14 (SUNA) – Member of the Transitional Military Council, Gen. Yasser Abdul-Rahman Al-Atta, has called on the political parties to provide visions, views and initiatives and to explain the form of the government that will rule in the interim period.
Addressing leaders of the political forces Sunday at the Friendship Hall, Gen. Al-Atta said that history will speak for years to come about the youth revolution, which began last December, because it marks emergence of a modern civil state.
He called on all the qualified and skillful Sudanese expatriates to return to the homeland and contribute to the building and reconstruction and to achieve the aspired progress.
The Member of the Transitional Military Council has called realization of peace all over the country, calling on the gun-holders to contribute to security through a new vision for a better future for Sudan.
He referred to formation of a coordination committee between the parties and the Transitional Military Council to contribute to the realization of the aspirations and desires of the Sudanese people.
Gen. Al-Atta has lauding the patriotic role of the martyrs of the glorious December Revolution and all those who contributed to the change.