Gum Arab Conference postponed for October 2019

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Khartoum,  April 16 (SUNA) - The World Conference on Gum Arabic has been postponed to the second half of the October instead of early next May as a result of the major developments that occurred in the country.


The meeting of the steering committee of the conference, was chaired by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Abdul-Rahman Ajeeb at the premises of the ministry, was of the view that the conference be shelved for now.


The Director of the Department of International Organizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Rapporteur of the Conference Committee Ambassador Kamal Jubara stressed UNCTAD, sponsoring the Conference, was fully understanding of the reasons for changing the date of the conference.


The Ambassador referred to the advanced steps taken by the Preparatory Committee for international and regional participation in the conference, praising the role of the Sudan Mission in Geneva and our diplomatic missions abroad in the wide dissemination of the conference.


Ajeeb referred to the efforts made by the Committee, revealing that the repercussions experienced by the country led to the postponement.


The meeting said work should continue by the High Committee and sub-committees with the same spirit and commitments until the second half of next October.