No Cases of Meningitis  at Sit-in Area, Doctor

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 Khartoum, May 9(SUNA)- No any case of meningitis  at sit-in area, doctor, Malik Mohamed Al-Tahir from  one of  field clinics at sit-in area  told SUNA.


 He added  that protesters  were vaccinated  and most of cases received were normal , stressing  readiness to receive different cases.


 The clinic supervisor,  Khelefalla  Sidiq  said that  they received not less than  hundred cases  and  sometimes  two hundred daily , referring to existence of a central pharmacy , medical laboratory  the sit-in area clinics.


 It is worth noting that there  are seven field clinics at sit-in area operated by volunteer  doctors  and treated  cases  from and outside  the area of the sit-in.