Sudan Condemns Targeting Saudi Arabia’ Security, Stability and Resources

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 Khartoum, May 15(SUNA)- Sudan  condemned terrorist targeting  of  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’ security, stability and  resources by attacking two oil pump stations , stressing that  the assault  constitutes a target  for   Arab and Islamic nation as a whole.


A press statement  issued  by the Foreign Ministry  said that Sudan is following with  concern   report about attack on two oil pump stations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and that  Sudan  renewed  its strong condemnation  and total rejection  to targeting  security, stability and resources of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .


 It  stressed that the assault constitutes a threat to  the Arab and Islamic  nation as a whole as well as to  international peace and stability  besides,  the  safety of  oil supplies which are  the world economy’s lifeline.


 The statement stated that  Sudan expressed anew its full solidarity  with sister  Saudi Arabia  and unlimited support to all measures  taken  to protect  its national security and oil supplies  and that  Sudan calls the international community to baer  its responsibility  towards protection  of peace and stability  in the gulf area  and in the whole Arab region.