Agronomist Calls for Adopting Value-Added Theory

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Khartoum, May 20  (SUNA) - Agricultural Economy expert. Dr. Hassab Al Rasoul Haj Saeed, has affirmed the importance of adopting a methodology system of value added chain in agriculture . 

This system according to Dr. Haj Saeed is introduced by many countries.  The system, he said, depends on the existence of a body between the government and the producer.  This body he said was called Service Provider.

Dr. Haj Saeed pointed out that it is possible to benefit from the potentialities in Sudan and from the companies and the banks operating the fields of agriculture as service providers.

For example, Dr. Haj Saeed said, Sudan Cotton Company can provide service for cotton producers and the oil Seeds Company may help sesame, groundnuts, and sunflower producers as well.

 The Agriculture Bank, Haj Saeed said, could provide service to wheat, corns and rice producers.  

The theory according to Dr. Saeed depends on making census on the producers of each commodity at administrative levels in units, localities and states.

He said based on the census result the service providers can prepare lands, provide inputs such as seed, and fertilizers.

 They can also supervise cultivation processes, availing labor force and harvesting operations. Said Dr. Haj Saeed.  

 Moreover, the service provider could calculate cost of production and announces sale prices.  

In case of low prices at international markets the Central Bank of Sudan may offer subsidies to encourage farmers.