An initiative to Minimize Differences between TMC and FFC

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Khartoum, May23 (SUNA)-The Alliance of the Sudanese Accord (ASA) revealed, it has proposed an initiative, aimed at minimizing the differences and bridging the gaps, between the Transitional Military Council, (TMC) and Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC).  

The initiative should encourage the parties surpass the political deadlock and shift to formation of the transitional institutions.  

The head of ASA Mohamed AL Hassan AL Sufi, told SUNA that the alliance has presented a vision, to TMC, regarding the arrangements of the transitional period.

He said, the alliance believed that the legislative council should be formed, representing all parties, political entities, youth, woman, civil society organizations, Sofi sects and native administration.

AL Sufi called for enact of interim constitution.

But he said articles and laws which restrict freedoms must be avoided.

As for sovereign council, AL Sufi said, the ASA suggested ten persons, as members representing military men and civilians under chairmanship, of a military man and a civilian deputy.

  As for executive organ, AL Sufi said, members to hold such posts, should be selected from patriotic competent technocrats.

 In the same development, AL Sufi, praised Sudanese armed forces  army and other regular forces role, as partner, supporters and protectors of the revolution.