People's Congress Party reveals initiative of transitional constitution

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 Translated by: Belgees Fagier  

Khartoum, 12,5,2019(SUNA)- Political Secretary of the People's Congress Party "P C P"  Idris Soleman revealed on details about a suggestion of the transitional constitution that was submitted by his Party for the Military Council. The  content of  suggestion included 11 chapter , the  important  are  suggestions for the state,  systems for  the  regime and its structures , principals of directing the state policies , Human Rights its rules and Principal freedom , The official transitional  constitutional institutions, Political costs of the transitional government, the judiciary and justice services , dependent commissions, regular public services , General measures and suggestion to re-back Power for people via elections. This constitution‏ become in force after adopting, throughout the specified terminal period for one year. During that Inquass system  should disassemble after Vacation and acceptation via political and revolutionary groups Soleman said.

Political Secretary Soliman asserted in interview with Sudan News Agency that the transitional constitution draft which submitted by People's Congress to the Military Council aimed to  rescue Sudan from the situation of ‏ Deterioration and Tearing  in which country lived due to  monopoly of the National Sovereignty by National Congress  ,  and its insistence  on the one-party system   and to  governor the country  through political tyranny , corruption, social injustice and Racial discrimination and to work in steated of , on building democratic system  according to spreading the general freedoms, multiplicity of political directions  that supported by people's choice and their  Will beside establishing  a parliamentary‏ authority of  successive rotation.


. Soleman pointed to a suggestion of a constitution to determine a system for a transitional government that includes a council of Sovereignty, The National Presidency should be consistent between all  groups and to consist fromm7member (among them a woman) in addition to consist a transitional legislative, independent constitutional judicial authority and independent missions that deal with specific functions and to tasks tasks of the Regular Forces and Civil Services.

Concern Authority levels in the Proposed Constitution through People's Congress Party, Soleman declared that it included three levels, National, Loyalty and local and to take into consideration economic balance between rules of its accounting and costs, in addition to Solving crises of the country, achieving Balanced development and services, away from corruption practices of the outgoing territory

On asking about principals of directing policies of the state and its tasks during the transitional period, political Secretary Soleman said" these directions are to call the governmental institutions to initiative laws that ensure all human Rights in movement, free expression, relations, privacy, dignity, and properties. In addition to all provide all fundamental rights and services in all countries besides, availability of the  appointments impartially for all public and private jobs.


Concerning political tasks  for the transitional government, our Suggested Constitution  stated on necessity of fast and immediate abandon to all exceptional  laws and measures which  prevent  the General Freedom or‏ hinder people from practicing their rights, the human equality for  the citizen dignity and protecting his rights and  stopping the political  Repression Soleman said and added Sudan should joint to all concerned international  agreements and Accords and assert on   Independence of the judiciary‏  via  consisting  constitutional Court  from (9) high-qualified judges who  had been selected from law faculties in universities and include deans in law faculties, judges, lawyers and experts in law field.

About level of   Prepared by People's Congress Party ‘s constitution, commitment on protecting human Rights, Soleman  reassured that this point was largely clared , the state has to secure  all Human Rights  and saving his fundamental freedoms during practicing its powers   on society and according to the national values and culture  that‏ were mentioned in regional and  international‏  Covenants that agreed by Sudan . More than, Solueman pointed to the Suggested Constitution‏  emphasized that nobody should kill or put to death except by text law from sharia. and it is forbidden to impose the penalty of death on who less than 18 years or who over Seventieth Except punishment for deliberate murder. Also, it was not allowed impose the death penalty on pregnant or Lactating women Only   after two years later of Breastfeeding, Suggested Constitution explained  and added freedom of movement for everyone shouldn’t prevent except according to fair law,  and shouldn’t be more than 3 months unless in case of the crime of death penalty.

  about  the religious freedoms, Soleman pointed that the Suggested Constitution affirmed on the human right to chose his religion and express on it via Rituals of his religion, also, to allow discussions and peaceful call for religion without enforce. As  The proposal dropped the punishment of apostasy with the possibility of arguing for Repentance and return to faith.

More than ,it was asserted on political practice on equality between All to have right  of nominating and voting for posts, the right of free expression and  Demonstrating according to law, freedom of media of its different types and work without permission of mentoring by governmental authority and the right to  get information and secure their sources.

About the chapter of General Regular Forces, the People’s Congress party called to modify the current  General  Security  Law and to establish an Intelligence Security Service in charge of the investigation  and collect information only  to avoid the foreign risks and be safe from Conspiracies that try to threat our country’s peace and stability.