Jabal Marra’ Magic and Gift of Nature

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Translated by: Belgees Fagier

Khartoum 23-6-2019-(SUNA)- In Western of Sudan located one of the most beautiful tourist places in Sudan, it is Jabal Marra’ region where tourists come to enjoy Beauty of nature, the moderate climate, and clean environment. Many don’t know this region as an original, unique, African and Arabic tourist destination that could achieve a good international  reputation.

Mountain of Jabal Marra located in Darfur territory, on  10.000  Meters above sea level with a Mediterranean climate and great vegetarian diversity. There are many attractive regions, such as “ Glol” region that specified with heavy forests and constant waterfalls and region of “ Martglo” in which founded wonderful waterfall and kinds of monkeys and rare wild animals and the highest region of “ Sonne” where a  good-Prepared place for rest. Drueba region is the volcanic nozzle of the mountain and there are two lakes. In addition to  National Al-  Rdom Park where live various kinds of wild animals, birds in spite of heavy tourist movement. In a region of Kindy lake live one of the biggest groups of birds that live there and which come in migration season for reproduction, in addition to large amounts of Ducks, Goose and Houbara bird. In Wade Haour park live many kinds of wild animals and ancient Archaeology and Sulfur water in Ain Farah region. And regions of Wade Azoom that specified with bumpy areas for who have a hobby of Photography and adventures.

          An ex-Parliament and Citizen from the region Mohammad Ahmad Mansour said in previous interview to SUNA that Jabal Marra’ owns all kinds of distinguished requirements to attract of the tourists, especially in two important fields agriculture and enjoy with wonderful natural sceneries of waterfalls, diversity of birds and wild animals beside sport of mountaineering.

Possibility of agriculture in Jabal Marra’ is concentrating on Horticulture, where grows for long time many kinds of a beautiful flower, that rarely to find in another place in the world.  The University of Zalenge exerts great efforts of scientific researches improve its cultivations in the highest areas of the mountain  in shape of Mountain terraces, besides  waterfalls and the green cover in wide large areas and  the  intertwined  Pine trees .  This very nice nature mixed with  a deep- rooted human heritage what added tourist advantage to the region .

Jabal  Marra’  a populated region where  founded many wonderful villages. The most attractive area for visitors and tourists is “ the Green  Valley    in which find  various kinds of migrants birds , the moderate climate and ca lean healthy  environment. In the lake area  there is  “ point of Gravity”  where no bird can fly  up , and for that  many airplanes had fell down in it.  Some strange phenomenon in the lake that it include  cold and hot water , sweet and salty water in the same time. And in spite of studies and researches  made by  experts in Geology, minerals   and Earth's geological layers , the science couldn’t  reach  to know the nature and  components of   the mountain in  Jabal Mara’.

 Another distinctive, is Tor area , 160 Km  away from Kass city. Germany company built a road before 10 years ago, due to the importance of the region as a tourist and economical region.

“The most beautiful magic region is Galol where new couples in honey moon and families and the  students can organize private  or group Trips”,  Al  Mansour said  and continued” here you can enjoy with beautifulness of nature   and you find  all  tools of  Change boredom and monotony are available” .