Gum Arabic Exports Reach 75 Thousand Tons

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khartoum, June 25 (SUNA) The Secretary General of the Arab Gum Council, Dr. Abdul Majid Abdul Gadir, revealed that the production of the gum arabic belt reached 110 thousand tons, of which about 80 thousand tons are exported through the legitimate means of exportation, while about 30 thousand tons leaked through smuggling to the borders of Sudan.

In a statement to SUNA he affirmed that the total gum arabic exports for the year 2018 amounted to 75 thousand tons, while the local consumption increased to 12 thousand tons, pointing out that the price of kantar product amounted to 3 thousand pounds in 2018.

On the number of factories producing gum arabic for the purposes of export, Abdul Gadir indicated that the number of factories increased from 7 factories in 2008 to 25 factories in 2018.

He pointed out that the current funding for the cultivation of gum arabic through the portfolio sponsored by the Farmers Bank and Khartoum Bank has reached 500 million pounds.

 He noted to the Sudan’s prominent position in the production of gum arabic at the global level, and the Organization of Trade and Development of the United Nations (UNCTAD) Trade and Development of the United Nations has expressed desire to cooperate with Sudan (the Council for Gum Arabic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and called for an international conference to be held in October to establish the African Center for Gum Arabic in Khartoum.