Several Forces Stage Protest Against Transfer of Negotiations to Outside

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 Khartoum, June 26 (SUNA) -The “ Initiative of People of Sudan” organized Tuesday a protest in front of Ethiopian embassy in Khartoum rejecting  moving negotiations between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and Forces of Freedom and Change to outside Sudan.

Member of the National Sudanese Mobilization, Husham Babiker,  said the protest expressed their position over the attempt  to move the talks to outside the homeland, saying we will not accept  moving of the negotiations to any capital outside Sudan, indicating that  the Sudanese people have long suffered from foreign interventions .

He demanded that the negotiation be inside Khartoum and be open to the media  to help the Sudanese people stand on progress of the dialogue .

Babiker has urged the Forces of freedom and Change to respond to the calls of the Sudanese people forces  that the negotiations should include all the political forces.

He added that the Initiative of the People of Sudan, the National Sudanese Mobilization and a number of forces have took part in the protest, ibesides  leaders of youth revolutionaries.