Workshop to Clarify Facts about Childern Recruitmen

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Khartoum, July 9 (SUNA) - The Undersecretary in Charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Omer Dahab, has stressed the importance of clarifying the facts about the allegations of child recruitment, especially in the regular forces, adding that the immunization operations are underway.
This came during his address, Tuesday, at the National Council for Child Welfare, to the preparatory workshop organized by the National Council for Child Welfare in cooperation with UNICEF on the verification visits on the allegations of recruitment of children by the forces of rapid support, and to raise awareness about non-violations with the provision of care.
The secretary general of the National Council for Child Welfare, Sua’ad Abdul-A’al noted that the Sudan has been working to protect children in areas of armed conflict based on its laws and legislation.

She has praised the role of the UNICEF and the technical support it provides to the government of Sudan in the field of childhood, explaining that the workshop is the beginning of field visits to the rapid support forces, which are part of the armed forces and are committed to all regulations and laws of the armed forces.
The representative of UNICEF in Sudan has emphasized the Sudan's commitment to prevent the recruitment of children in conflict and not to involve children in regular forces during conflict, adding that the plan of action that was signed will lead to a safe future for the children of Sudan.