RSF operates in Coordination with other Regular Forces

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 Khartoum, July 14 (SUNA) - The spokesman of the Rapid Support Forcse (RSF), Brig. Jamal Gumma Adam, reiterated that the RSF are operating in close coordination with the Armed Forces and other security forces in maintaining and preserving security in the capital and  the states.

He indicated that the RSF operate as part  of security system and a plan inside capital under command of the Central Military Area and are responsible for security  inside Khartoum in cases of emergency and incidents.

Brig. Jamal said in an interview to SUNA that the RSF presence in Khartoum is for protecting the state's institutions including the fuel services, banks and ministries.

 The RSF spokesman accused some circles  of trying to fall out between the Forces of Freedom and Change and the Transitional Military Council and they succeeded   to instigate sedition to some extent, revealing  that there attempts to instigate sedition between the RSF and the Armed Forces, but they failed due to the wisdom of the leaderships of the two sides.

Brig. Jamal said that the RSF presence in Khartoum was necessitated by security conditions, adding that whenever the security situation in Khartoum becomes stable then there would be no need for RSF deployment in Khartoum State.