Youths Call TMC and FFC to Reach Agreement

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Khartoum, July 14(SUNA)- The Higher Council  for Sudanese Youth Forces(HCSYF) Urged the parties represented in  the Transitional Military Council and Forces of Freedom and Change(FFC) to reach  deal  realizing peace  and paving way  for peaceful transition of power  through elections.


 The HCSYF Chairman, Mohamed Sidiq Mohamed Ibrahim , who was speaking t SUNA press forum Sunday ,  that peace is  a project of partisan , tribal or  regional gains , calling for looking to peace as  civil value  not subjected to bargaining  and that its ultimate goal  is  to be  preserve the citizen’s  life  and dignity.


HCSYF secretary-General, Engineer Ahmed Al-ZainAbbakar Abdalla  called the all political forces, and  civil society components  as well                                                                                                                                       as women and youth  to take part  in the  transition period   to achieve a comprehensive peace  based on   consensus and reconciliation.


 Al Zain also reviewed the Council's initiative on  nation- building strategy , pointing out  that the economy situation  and living difficulty were  the main causes  of the revolution breakout.


“ We see initiatives are forwarding as people are still suffering from  the same  issue , prices are soaring  and there is difficult in transport” Al-Zain underlined, disclosing that the council has prepared a social strategic  document  on  the nation-building.


 Deputy secretary  of the HCSYF Foreign affairs , Amjad Ibrahim Hassab-Alla,  for his part, said   the council  includes 27 youth alliances  and called  youth  to join  the HCSYF.


 In the  same context, the HCSYF states official,  Ali Hamid Nura-Eddin  said the council  forwarded  programs  for the states  to  include  the periphery voices , adding that the council aims  to achieve  peace and  peaceful-co-existence  among all components of  the  Sudanese society away  from  self-benefits.


 He added  that the work adopted  by the council  was a contribution from youth , referring  to Rwanda experience  in areas  of reconstruction and  peace –building.


 Amjad further added  that  the council’s initiative  would be submitted  to the  coming interim  government.