Animal wealth in Sudan… achievements and challenges

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Translated by: Belgees Fagier

Khartoum, 22 , 7,2019 - (SUNA) Official authorities depend on  Animal Wealth sector  as  one of economical sectors  to support directions of production and exporting via  providing hard currency to the Public Treasury  and achieve food security for people .

Sudan News  Agency interviewed  Acting  Undersecretary of  Fishery an Animal Wealth ministry, Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud  Shiek-Al- deen  to shied light on plans, projects and activities of the ministry  to promote the sector’s production:-

**Could you give us  idea on current  plans   to develop animal wealth exporting   the  two kinds  live and slaughtered  animals ?

*Concerning plans, we work to decrease exporting live cattle   to increase added  value  and export instead of  that,  slaughtered meats via building modern and  a new slaughterhouse according to international standards. New slaughterhouse in Al- Cadro is ready for operating , while the old  slaughterhouse  was rehabilitated  according to international standards . Saudi delegation had visited some Slaughterhouses last period and pointed to some notes , as it expect  a visit by another delegation from Saudi authority of  Food and Drugs in next month  to approve on quality of these  slaughterhouses  to admit them in exporting system, what will raise meats exporting.

  **In this year how many number of exported meats and cattle comparing with number of last year?

*It didn’t decrease but increased. In between current January  till July  the number reached to 2 ,978, 570 Head of cattle.  Exporting of Sheep raised  increased  to 2% comparing to the last year, as it expected to reach more than 5 million by end of this year .

**Are there intention to open new markets for exporting after Saudi Arabia and Gulf states?

* It is responsibility of  Ministry of  Trade . we have  favorable   chance  to opening new markets ,  particular exporting meats to  west Africa states.  In a meeting with group of  Nigerian businessmen  in  Dubai last period , We knew that  they import chilled meats from Brasilia , while Sudan is the nearest for  Nigeria. In addition there are another demands from Qatar and United Arab Emirates to import Sheep for Eid- al adahe.


What about challenges that face  veterinary quarries and your vision  to improve them according to the international standards ?

      They are  in need to great efforts. Working is going on  and near to accomplish  new Slaughter House “ Heydob”  at Port Sudan. It is a huge and designed according to high  modern standards what will facilitate many  obstacles in this field.

     **Are there finance for export ? and does there are encouragement policies  via  central bank   to improve export  sector?

     *Yes, there are some obstacles. It is supposed to rearrange sector of  the Cattle Exporters  in order to enable their funding  and  unify them in  companies or groups. Generally ,  Central Bank is in charge of  problems of export  revenues, as its policies should review and they need to return  for  system of in-advance payment to secure  revenues of export.

     **How is  going  progress in field of  slaughter houses and lines of leather manufacturing ?

     *We are in way to establish  new slaughter houses under supervise a committee from the ministry . There is a prescription to establish a complementary city  to utilize from leather in west Um durman. And new modern Tanneries  for manufacturing leather.





** What is the role of Animal Wealth Bank to develop export sector?

* In spite of its specialization, Bank of Animal wealth  has no role, in  finance or develop animal wealth sector. It works only in trade  filed.

** How is the ministry  contribution to  reduce   living costing such as  reduce meats and milk prices that became very expensive for  people ?

     *It will achieve  through establish Productive farms  in participating  with private sector  and to produce  white  meats  and  red meats and dairy products. Animal wealth  is a renewable   sector, as it contribute  with 20% or more than 60%  of the agriculture  product and supply the public treasury with hard currency  and achieve  food security . Knowing

            **What about your cooperation with  regional and international organizations in field of  National  Herd health?   *We have good relations  with them . Sudan is an active  member in  world Organization of  Animal health  “ W O A H” , Food and Agriculture Organization “F AO”  , International Atomic Energy Agency ” IAEA”, Animal Wealth Commission in African Union  and  IGAd . Ex Undersecretary of the Ministry and director of the General Administration for Animal Health and combating epidemic diseases  obtained an international reward from “WOAH” for his distinguished  scientific efforts in field of animal health and   announcing Sudan “ free of Bovine plague. Also,   our ministry had rewarded by  animal wealth commission  in AU, as the best country  in caring with animal health .   **Does there are new census  for animal wealth in Sudan?0 *Census process is important and required  to put plans and future strategies  to improve animal wealth sector . the latest one was in 1976. We hope to carry out a new one in cooperating with support of FAO  in next 2020.