Jordanian Ambassador: Sudan enjoys enormous economic resources

2019-08-06 19:46:30.257 | view 517 | share : |

Khartoum, August 6 (SUNA) - The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s Ambassador to Sudan, Mahmoud al-Khaza'leh, has said that there were excellent relations between the two countries, pointing to the huge economic resources enjoyed by Sudan, the most important of which are the agricultural projects, mainly the Gezira Scheme and other natural resources such as Water, minerals and oil. Ambassador al-Khaza'leh said, in a statement to SUNA, that the whole world depends on Sudan through its large resources, expressing the hope that the next phase witnesses more economic achievements and that the top priority to be investment with friendly countries for the interest of the country. He added that the trade exchange between his country and Sudan was excellent during the previous period and that there were more than 1500 Jordanian investors, most of them businessmen with different factories inside Sudan besides the companies that contributed to the building of Sudan in addition to the exchange in the field of education where there are more than 3,000 Jordanian students studying in Sudanese universities in different disciplines. He stressed the continuation of the meetings of the joint ministerial committee between the two countries after the stabilization of the situation in Sudan. "The last meeting of the ministerial committee in Khartoum was two years ago and discussed all the common economic areas," he said, hoping that the committee will be reactivated soon after the formation of the government. He added that we hope to see a new and prosperous Sudan that could be a model to be followed by all other countries.