Dr. Al-Amin: Peace is Top Pivotal Issue in Sudan

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Khartoum, Aug. 13 (SUNA) – Deputy Chairman of the National Umma Party and leading figure in the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Amin, pointed out that peace is the top pivotal issue in Sudan which has suffered much due to the civil wars and fragile treatments that were conducted with the gun holders and armed resistance.

Interviewed by SUNA, Dr. Al-Amin stressed that realization of peace shall be comprehensive and addressing to all the tensions in the country, indicating that the sustainable and inclusive peace shall be enshrined in the state’s strategy.

“We do not want to repeat the errors of the past that have always been made through dialogue and negotiations with some members of the movements, most of which were compromises and bargains that were aimed for benefiting the leaders of armed movements only, rather than the vast majority in the war-affected areas," he said.

He emphasized that the coming peace shall be a societal one and shall address the issues of the displaced people and refugees, adding that these people shall voluntarily be returned to their home villages and shall be compensated, and that anyone who committed crimes against them shall be held accountable.