Getachew: Sudan and Ethiopia Strategic Partners

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Khartoum, Aug. 16 (SUNA) – The Ethiopian journalist, who is concerned on Sudan and the Horn of Africa issues, Getachew Yalew Abebe, said that Ethiopia is deeply concerned about the situation in Sudan as sisterly and IGAD member country.

Getachew stated that Ethiopia should contribute to the preservation of peace in Sudan as Sudan and Ethiopia are strategic partners and shall cooperate in the times of hardship and not in normal times only,

He said that outbreak of dispute in one country would affect the neighbor countries, pointing out that the contribution of Ethiopia to the stability and peace in Sudan is not a matter of choice, a responsibility that shall be done.

He pointed out that the slogan of solution of African problems by the Africans themselves has become a reality through the African mediation in Sudan toward avoiding western interference in the issues and interests of the African peoples.

Getachew, stated that it is high time for for the all Sudanese people to concentrate in the nation building and revive their economy, adding that the people of Sudan shall avoid differences and stick to solving problems peacefully and in a civilized way for the interest of their country and making Sudan great nation as before.

He noted that success of the revolution of Sudan will surely support peace, stability and progress in the Horn of Africa and Sudan as Sudan is country of strategic location and pivotal role in the region.