Abiy Ahmed: Agreement will Lead Peace and Progress by Determination

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Khartoum, Aug. 18 (SUNA) - The Prime Minister of Ethiopian and head of the IGAD, Abiy Ahmed, said that the transitional period’s document which were signed Saturday in Khartoum will move Sudan to a new era of peace , development  and progress if will and determination are available, expressing his pleasure to attend this important occasion.

He said in his address to the celebration for the signing of the transitional perio documents that the Sudanese people have proved to the African peoples that they are able to solve their own problems by themselves.

He appreciated the Sudanese - Ethiopian relations and described them as historical, stressing that and the victory of Sudan is victory for Ethiopia.

He called to achieving economic, social and political integration between the two countries.

Abiy Ahmed called on the Sudanese people to preserve the agreement and protect it.