Dr.Hamdok Adressess UN Coordinative Meeting on Sudan

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Khartoum, Sept.7 (SUNA) – Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulla Hamdok, on Saturday, addressed the opening session of the United Nations Coordinative meeting, currently, on session, in Khartoum, which will review the Roadmap for supporting the Sudan Transitional Government in development, economy, human rights, humanitarian work and building of peace.

Hamadok has outlined that the motto of the revolution (Freedom, peace and Justice), will shape the future of the country, expecting that the UN will play a key role in supporting the transition process, the realization of the transitional government priorities and facing the various challenges.

"We expect the UN to play a leading role in organizing international support and we hope to see a comprehensive approach to this effort," Dr Hamdock told the three-day meeting.

He expressed hope that the UN to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses short-, medium- and long-term interventions that are formulated according to priorities.

" The transitional government takes into account local initiatives and demand-driven approaches’’ he indicated.

As part of its ongoing efforts to support the people of Sudan, and as directed by the UN Secretary-General, the United Nations began this meeting with the aim of arriving at a joint reading on the current situation in the country and exploring key areas in which it could support the transitional government, according to a UN press release issued on Saturday.

 He added that the meeting is expected to provide a coordinated and coherent approach to the United Nations that is flexible and able to adapt to the priorities of the transitional government.

Nicholas Hayesom, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on Sudan, conveyed the congratulations of Antonio Guterres to the Prime Minister and the people of Sudan on the formation of the transitional government and pledged UN support for the transition process, stressing that "if we expected the Sudanese to rise to the event, we should expect the same from the United Nations. "


Meanwhile, UN Development and Humanitarian Coordinator Ms. Gui Yop Sun addressed the meeting, saying that "the United Nations is a credible and sincere partner of the people and the transitional government of Sudan and we will be flexible, intelligent and innovative to respond to the country's emerging priorities and needs.


The meeting will host national and international experts who will make presentations on possible future directions for UN involvement in the country during the current and future phases. The topics discussed during the meeting will be aligned with the Constitutional Declaration, the priorities of the Transitional Government and the Prime Minister's vision.


The meeting is expected to come up with a road map for the United Nations system and its future engagement to ensure the success of the transitional government.