Economist attributes dollar exchange rate hike to import of unnecessary food stuff

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Khartoum, September 10 (SUNA) - The Economic Expert and Professor of Economics at the Sudanese universities Dr. Ibrahim Osman Hassan has said that to achieve a qualitative leap in the management of the economy, during the 200 days set by the Minister of Finance, this requires availability of a number of conditions, the first of which the existence of strong will, preparation of society and the change of its behavior towards responsibility to support the emergency program as well as the provision of liquidity to curb the black market and the unification of the price between cash and check. Dr. Hassan said, in a statement to (SUNA), the dollar exchange rate set by the market mechanism at 47 pounds against one dollar, explaining that its exchange rate should not exceed the range of 25 to 27 pounds. He attributed the rise of the dollar exchange rate, in the previous period, to the trade of state institutions of their various kinds in the dollar, including some employees, in addition to the import of foodstuffs, including sweets and sauce, denouncing the import of these materials, which can be manufactured locally, calling for the encouragement of industry, urging mobilization of the agricultural and animal sectors besides the promotion of fruit canning industries and processing and export of slaughtered meat.