Khartoum Stock Exchange will contribute to Sudan economy recovery

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Khartoum, Sept.10 (SUNA) – The Director-General of the Khartoum Stock Exchange (KSE) Dr. Azhari Al-Tayeb Al-Faki affirmed Sunday the recovery of the Sudan economy in the coming period and the creation of financing opportunities that will help in establishing partnerships in major vital sectors that provide advantages attracting local and international investments. In a statement to SUNA, Dr. Al-Faki pointed to the expansion of the capital base through the transformation of private companies such as telecommunications companies as well as the family companies to public joint stock companies, adding that the market will be ready by the recruitment of qualified human cadres, effective trading and electronic settlement systems that can accommodate many financial products. Dr. Al-Faki added that there were plans to develop and cooperate with Arab financial markets, pointing out that there are agreements with Arab stock exchanges in Abu Dhabi, Dubai Financial Market, Bahrain Stock Exchange, Egyptian Stock Exchange, Tunis Stock Exchange and others, referring to the possibility of signing new agreements with other Arab markets such as Jordan and Oman.