Saghiroun Discusses Ways to Open Universities

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Khartoum, Sept 11 (SUNA) Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Intisar Saghiroun Al-Zain, Sunday, discussed in a meeting with the group of the Sudanese university professors, colleges and higher institutes all the issues related to the opening of universities, and creating an appropriate atmosphere for reviewing all problems and to develop effective solutions for it.

Prof. Intisar has praised the great role played by the group in the process of change that took place in the country and wished that the same effort would be made to support the process of higher education in Sudan.

The professors' group confirmed their readiness to cooperate with the minister, and to discuss the issues of the higher education through specialized conferences and workshops, stressing the necessity for providing students from extracurricular opportunity for activities, and repeal laws restricting those activities.

The professors' group has indicated the need to review public and private universities and private colleges, with the aim of producing a knowledge service that contributes to the preparation of qualified human cadre.