Culture and Information Minister Affirms Importance of Mass Media Restructuring

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Khartoum, Sep. 15 (SUNA) – The Minister of Culture and Information, Faisal Mohamed Salih, has stressed the importance of reform of some of the information laws and re-structuring of the government mass media so as to cope with the new era and to express it.

Addressing the Workshop on Media in the Transitional Period, organized by Khartoum Center for Press Services in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Organization Sunday, Salih referred to plans to establish a consultative council at the Ministry of Information to work out a national training plan.

He called for encouraging the private sector to invest in the information field, underscoring the importance of the media and its message.

          Meanwhile, the information expert, Isra Zainal-Abidin, affirmed, in a paper she gave at the workshop on Current Situation and Future of TV Channels, the importance of training in the median field, reliance on the genuine professional standards, reduction of the transmission fees as well as establishing a body to set regulations and undertake the annual professional and program assessment for the cadres operating at the TV channels.

Al-Sir Al-Sayed has called on his paper “ Government Media: Visions and Views” for establishment of higher council for electronic media and issuing a code of honor to organize and protect the media work from any intervention and violations.