Finance Minister; Government Aims to Reduce Borrowing from Banking System

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Khartoum, Sep. 23 (SUNA) – The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Badawi, pointed out that the financial policies for the coming stage aim to reduce the borrowing from the banking system and review the exchange and financial effort to increase it to 20%, referring to the directive given in this regard to the new Secretary General of Tax Chamber and the Customs.

He explained in a briefing to the economic media and press Monday this objective can be achieved if we close the doors of tax leakage and exemptions, adding that the government is  seeking to achieve additional foreign exchange reserves for the Central Bank of Sudan and restructuring the banking system.

He pointed out that Sudan has asked the World Bank to finance the transfer of some Sudanese legal experts and to support  the development of the private sector by assigning them to work in Sudan at the Ministry of Finance to assess the transition and institutional support.

On the issue of unemployment and youth recruitment, he explained that this will be done through small and medium-scale projects that are funded by the World Bank by training them and giving them the administrative and technical capabilities to access modern and advanced agriculture.

He referred to three major strategic projects through which the youths can be employed in the population and agricultural censuses, indicating that the Undersecretary of Planning will form an ction team for management of the population census in collaboration with the Central Statistic Bureau and the Ministry of Agriculture, adding the proposed population census will help creating 30,000 jobs.