French President: Abdul-Wahid Nur is not Refugee in France

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Paris, Sep. 30 (SUNA) – The President of France, Emanuel Macron, said that the leader of the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA), Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nur, is not a political refugee in France but he is there, stressing that his country attaches the highest priority to realization of peace in Sudan.

At a joint press conference with the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, President Macron pointed out that France works to facilitate reaching peace in Sudan by completion of the peace talks with the armed movements.

He affirmed the keenness of France to consolidate its humanity relations with Sudan, disclosing that the plan of the Louvre Museum in Paris to organize an exhibition on the civilization of Napata in 2020.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, said that his three-hour meeting with the leader of Sudan Liberation Army, Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nur, in Paris has laid down the basis for peace and discussed the root causes of the problem.

He described the armed movements as a genuine party in the change process in Sudan, indicating that these movements have participated in the armed struggle and weakened the ousted regime.