Improvement of Health Situation in Blue Nile

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 Al-Rusaires, Oct.12(SUNA)- Wali of Blue Nile State, Maj. Gen.(police) Al-Walid  Ahmed Madani underscored that the State has  long suffered  from  war  impact  on health, social nd economic situations that shadowed  the citizens’ life.


Maj. Gen. Al-Walid told SUNA  that the State represented in Ministry of Health  and its partners  exerted  considerable efforts  to roll back cholera disease   by making use of its accumulative expertise that  led to  fall of cases  in this  year  compared to the previous  years.


 Representative of Fderal Health Ministry , Dr Sosun Al-Tahir stated that the anti=cholera  immunization  aims  to  completely eradicate  cholera  in State  and in the country in general , disclosing that  the vaccines  have been provided  in short  time due to joint efforts  between the Federal Health Ministry and WHO.