Hamdouk: Priority for making peace and Economic stability

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Khartoum, Oct. Prime Minister, Dr.Abdalla Hamdouk has outlined that the priorities of his government represented in realization of the urgent demands and dreams of the people including the economic stability and making peace as a condition for the sustainable democracy.

The Prime Minister addressing the Sudanese people marking the 55th anniversary of October Revolution, has pointed out that the concerns of the Sudanese people are ours because we represent them and shoulder their responsibilities, especially, with regard to the price hikes.

He said the government works hard to find long term and short term solutions for the transportation problem.

He affirmed the increasing state’s concern over education, adding that more programs and activities will be be made, by the concerned circles, in this connection.

Der. Hamdouk renewed the great concer over  public health of the citizens, community health, medical and health services, explaining that the coming period will witness remarkable change in the kinds and standards of the medical services.



Dr. Hamdouk said that there are many obstacles surrounding the work of the transitional authority, and some of these obstacles were planned, stressing the determination to overcome these difficulties.

‘’ Our approach to action will not be based on free and imagined promises. We will not offer our people impossible plans or unrealistic programs. We will ensure transparency and credibility in presenting what we have achieved and what we can accomplish without further ambiguity’’ he stressed.

Hamdouk concluded that the change process is continuous and the revolution growing efforts to be completed and realize its goals.