Agreement on Joint Border Demarcation Reached by Sudan and South Sudan

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Khartoum, Oct. 22 (SUNA) - The Joint Border Demarcation Commission between Sudan and South Sudan signed Tuesday evening at the Coral Hotel in Khartoum an agreement on the full description of the joint border parts that are agreed between the two countries.

The agreement was signed by Maj. Gen. (engineer) Al-Amin Mohamed Bannaga for the Sudanese side and by Ambassador Darios Garang Woul for the South Sudanese party.

The committee has prepare in its meetings during the period from October 13 - 22 a full detailed description of the coordinates in the agreed upon sectors on the border line and also made an Atlas on the maps, documents and reference documents, which it has relied on in the description of the explored and unexplored sectors.

The joint technical committee is expected to complete its work by including the disputed areas alongside the claimed zones according to the order that was established by the agreement on the border issues that was signed between the two states.

The joint border demarcation committee is expected to submit its work in November to the joint border commission for ratification.

SUNA learned that the five disputed areas are the trade Kaka, Dabat Al-Fukhar, Al-Megaines -14 miles southern of Bahar Al-Arab, Hufral Al-Nihas and Fafe Kanji.