Arrangements Set for Establishing Al Maram Crossing Point Bordering South Sudan

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AL Fula Oct 24(SUNA)- Federal Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has received the initial proposal for establishing AL-Maram crossing point bordering South Sudan State.

 Land Transport Deputy Manager in the Federal ministry Eng. Abdel Elah Omar AL Sharif praised the cooperative spirit of the West Kordofan government as it showed warm welcoming for the federal visiting delegation to the area.  

He said the federal delegation was welcomed by the state government and the local community. He said both of them have shown positive response as for the establishment of the proposed project.

 Eng. AL Sharif said the project was considered one of most vital and strategic projects in the area.

 Meanwhile AL Sheif emphasized the economic, and security    advantages of   the project.  He said some economic and service projects such as customs clearance, taxation, passports, and employment units would be established at the crossing point.  He added the project would enhance brotherly and social ties    between Sudan and South Sudan.

 Al Sharif has also commended the role of Caretaker Wali  (Governor) of  the state  Maj (Gen) Abd Allah Mohamed Abd Allah for the concern he had given to  the project. 

AL Sharif noted that the project was included in 200 days’ program of the Transitional Government.

 For his part the General Manager of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Physical Development in the State Gumma Dawood Musa explained that all the facilities needed for the establishment of   the project could be found in the state.

Musa assured the state government commitment to avail security and other facilitates needed for the establishment the project.

Leading members representing Forces of Freedom and Change in the area and some refugees from South Sudan expressed that they supported the project for the economic and social advantages it could brining to the area besides enhancing relations between Sudan and South.