UNAMID: Our Priorities Match with Transitional Government to Achieve Peace

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Bilael, Nov. 8 (SUNA) The Community Communication Unit of the Joint African Union-United Nations Mission (UNAMID) carried out a number of small activities and programs for displaced women in Kalma camp for displaced persons in Belael locality, South Darfur state.
The Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations and the African Union, said in her address to the ceremony of end of these activities that the priorities of the mission were in line with the priorities of the transitional government in achieving peace in Sudan, adding that Sudan is at great complications in this stage and that the new government and the UNAMD top priorities is to achieve peace in the country.
She continued saying: "our need, the IDPs and the Sudanese government is our common dream that Sudan in general and Darfur in particular will live in security and stability,”

She added that UNAMID would leave Darfur in the coming phase, but that UN agencies would remain to complete the development and humanitarian projects the mission had begun, she indicated: "But before we go out, we want to secure you peace, so we ask you to unite to achieve this demand,”, noting all the activities that the mission celebrated at the Kalma camp were all for the promotion of peace.
The activities carried out by the UNAMID have included the establishment of a training workshop for 55 women on the industry of vermicelli and pancakes, the ownership of vermicelli machines, football competitions, which came under the slogan "Together for Peace" in which 32 teams from the camps have participated, in addition to the provision of (25) barrels for the disabled women in the camp to enable them to bring drinking water.