Rumors and Treachery One of Sudanese Crisis: WE are All Himati Group

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Khartoum Nov 12 (SUNA)- the founder   We are all Himati Group Mohamed AL Tom Abd Allah has urged the Sudanese people ignored rumors saying the rumors and treachery represent one of cries caused in the country.  

The founder of the group Abd Allah stated in a press conference held Tuesday noon at Sudan News Agency (SUNA) that this group is an essential part of the Sudanese people, they participated in the revolution and they concerned on stability, assuring the group’s support to the civilian government led by Hamdok.

Abd Allah indicated that he was not annoyed by what propagated in the social media about the group following its meeting with Deputy-chairman of the sovereignty council.

 Abd Allah thanked the deputy chairman l for supporting the revolution and assuring   the stability. The meeting was held in the presence of member of sovereignty council Mohammed El-Hassan Al-Taayeshi who also praised the group.