Repeated Seizure of Smuggled Arms Represents Serious Indicator: Expert

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Experts in dissolving conflicts Dr. Othman Abu Amjad affirmed that the repeated  seizures of smuggled weapons  represent a serious indictor. 

He explains that there are sin hands involved in smuggling arms into the national capital Khartoum and some states to destabilize security, abortive the Sudanese revolution and create sedition between the Sudanese.  

Dr. Abu Amjad told SUNA that the reportedly news that Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have put hands on weapons being smuggled to the national capital besides the announcement of   public Intelligence on Sunday that they caught a vehicle loaded with Kalashnikov from Um Rawaba to eastern states had to give an indication to politicians to raise awareness that destructive plots prepared by some ones targeting Sudan.

He explained that the smuggling of arms represented an approach amid at implementing the plots.

Dr. Abu Amjad praised armed forces, public intelligence and RSF for their high awareness of preserving security, the stability, protecting homeland and securing the revolution.

 Moreover Dr. Abu Amjad added that there are a number of regional and international forces that they were not happy for the success of the Sudanese revolution and want to transfer Sudan into failure state.

He reminded on the importance of keeping armed forces, RSF and public intelligence refrain from any political struggle and keeping them away as much as possible from the effect of political polarization.