Qadi and Jabir Witness Signing of Reconciliation Document in Port-Sudan

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Port-Sudan, Nov. 20 (SUNA) –  The two members of the Sovereign Council, Hassan Sheikh Idris Qadi, and Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Jabir, have commended the good spirit that prevailed during the meetings of the disputing ethnic group in East Sudan,  keenness to halt the blood-letting, the call to renounce sedition and their call to hold to wisdom.


The Sovereign Council member Qadi has called on the tribes, in his address before the ceremony for signing the reconciliation document in Port-Sudan, to renounce violence and preserve the entity of the citizen of East Sudan and the future of its generations.


He urged the people of Port Sudan to move towards development through optimum exploitation of the resources of the Red Sea State and to combat poverty, hunger and disease, which exhausted the state.


He stressed that it was high time to achieve development, stability and security, commending all those who contributed and supported the outstanding agreement that enhances the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence in the Red Sea State.


 Meanwhile Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Jabir, has praised the outstanding role played by native administration leader in signing the agreement within a short period of time, stop the blood-shedding and elevate the value of tolerance.


Jabir urged the government in the state, the native administration leaders and youth to work together for fighting sedition and beware of being misguided by social media rumors.


He gave directives to the native administrations to lead a revolution aimed at raising community awareness, stressing that they as Sovereign Council are commitment to secure and protect these agreements.


He affirmed the need to hold accountable anyone who disturbs people’s tranquility in the state.