People’s Movement Calls for Removing Sudan from List of Countries Sponsoring Terrorism

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Khartoum, Dec. 2 (SUNA) – Deputy Chairman of the People’s Liberation Movement – North Sector, Yasser Arman, stressed that peace cannot be achieved without existence of a joint united national will.

At the regular news forum of Sudan News Agency (SUNA) Monday, Arman affirmed the movement’s call for lifting the sanctions imposed on Sudan and removing Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, asserting the movement’s support to the endeavors of the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, in this connection.

Arman has called for respect to the religious freedoms and the will of the Sudanese Christians, stressing that peace and democracy shall go together.

He said that He stressed that democracy can only continue by ending the war in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile, adding that the people of these areas have real and legitimate demands that must be met.

 He said that what has been achieved in Juba has not been accomplished in eight years because the National Congress was willing to empower itself, but not to reach peace, which is one of the pillars of the Sudanese revolution, stressing the importance of a partnership between the Sovereignty Council, the Council of Ministers, the Forces of Freedom and Change, the Revolutionary Front and the armed struggle movements that are outside the Revolutionary Front.

He expressed his movement appreciation of the law issued lately for removing the National Congress empowerment.

He affirmed that improving the economy depends on ending the war at the production areas and restoring the productive image of the Sudanese rural area, asserting the movement’s calls for establishing a united Sudanese army.

He said that Sudan relations with other countries would be repaired unless the war in the country is ended.

Arman indicated that the Revolutionary Front is a major founder of the Forces of Freedom and Change, asserting that they came to Khartoum in search for a new national and strategic project.

He called for support to the coming session of negotiations, scheduled for December 10, hoping that this round of talks will be the last one.

He also called for the extension of Juba Declaration that ends on December 14, to three months to end on March 8, which it coincides with Women's Day.

Arman has called for investigation in the massacres of Kajbar and Port-Sudan, affirming appreciation of his movement to cancellation of the Public Order Act.